This is fun – Wednesday 6th April 2022

This is fun

Well this is fun – for me anyway. I’ve run from one end of the garden to the other and back, over and over again. I’m cheering Mum on as she takes part in her own little ‘It’s a Knockout’ event. She says that’s what it feels like. At one end of the garden she fills the barrow with as many branches and twigs as she can pile up and then moves it all down the garden to the gate ready for Dad to cut up and put in the skip. The aim of the game (in her head) is to not lose too much of the load between the top end of the garden and the skip. She’s getting pretty good at it and is thinking of playing her joker on that game today.

The water game was funnier

Then there’s the water game. That one involves her throwing the end of a plastic rake attached to a rope into the middle of the pond. The aim of that is to get as much of the blanket weed out of the pond as possible. It’s funnier to watch and can involve quite a lot of splashing. I’m waiting to see if she will throw herself in before she has finished. Dad is looking to approach that game a little differently and has ordered some waders so he can go in. I’m thinking that could be a recipe for disaster, but I’ll watch from the side and let you know what happens.

Overdoing it

Ari has been overdoing it. He’s a bit fed up really. He’s having to rest his legs. He doesn’t complain much about the problems he has, but at the moment he’s sad he can’t run around the garden with me quite so much. He’s told Mum he’s really missing the hydrotherapy he used to have and has asked if it might be possible to find somewhere to go down here. Mum has promised to look into it, but with her still not so happy around people or indoors it isn’t straightforward.



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