All day outdoors – Sunday 10th April 2022

All day outdoors

Yesterday we spent almost all day outdoors and boy did we all sleep well afterwards. Shadow says she needs a day off. I am of course ready for action again and asking when the gardening is going to begin. Mum may be with Shadow on this one and has already suggested that Sunday is called the day of rest for a reason. Most of the time went into clearing up all the rubbish and filling the skip, but we finished repairing the arbour too.

Compost heap

There was one thing I wasn’t so happy about. Mum has covered over all the rotting apples in the compost heap so I can’t get to them so easily. She can be such a killjoy. Ari and I were really quite enjoying them. Ari was relying on me to jump up and pass them to him, but he was eating just as many as me.

Mum was amazed at the amount of heat being generated from within things she only added a couple of days ago. It included nettles which help everything decompose. Now we just need to work out how to harness the power for the house. I wonder if many houses run on nettle power.

One small problem

It’s Dad in the dog house rather than one of us, which makes a change. He accidentally ate Mum’s lunch yesterday. Mum has lots of food allergies and yesterday had done two plates of food which looked quite similar, but weren’t. Dad accidentally put pepper on the one he thought was his, but it was Mum’s and she’s allergic to pepper. To say she was a little disappointed watching Dad eat both lots is putting it mildly. I’m sure if one of us had eaten her lunch we’d have got in far more trouble than Dad did. I don’t think that’s fair.



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