The best laid plans – Sunday 17th April 2022

The best laid plans

Well sometimes the best laid plans really do belong to the mice. In this case, Mum putting a lot of our things that we didn’t immediately need in one of the sheds turned out to be the mice’s advantage. They have spent the winter eating their way through the base of our paddling pool. I can’t imagine for a minute that it would have tasted very nice. One thing is certain, it will no longer hold any water. It has been unceremoniously added to the skip, which is frankly disappointing.

Flynn’s tests

It was fortunate that Mum had to move everything in the shed to find the things that were needed for Flynn to do the tests he was coming for. Thankfully, the mice hadn’t eaten their way through everything else, exist a little nibble of our gazebo.

The day became more stressful when Dad, rather than being up and ready to help, was in fact ill. He was supposed to be doing some of the judging, but was much too poorly to get out of bed. Even I could see the rash covering him from head to toe didn’t look very good. We think it might have been a reaction to something he’d eaten, but helping was definitely not going to be an option.

Other not so best laid plans

The other thing that had gone wrong on Friday when Mum was preparing everything was that Mum walked into a tree branch. She hit her head so hard that she landed in a pile on the floor. Obviously Shadow and I were on the scene immediately. I stuck my nose into Mum’s face on one side and Shadow was on the other. We nudged her to be absolutely sure she was conscious. She asked if we’d mind backing off, which I thought was ungrateful. Fortunately after sitting there for a while she was fine.

Back to Flynn

Anyway, Flynn did pass his tests, but because of everything going on I didn’t have the opportunity to play with him as Mum needed to get back to seeing if Dad was all right.

Now we’re hoping for a slightly less eventful day. I think if Dad is well enough we’re going to try going out for a walk somewhere different, although Mum is worried it might be too peoply for her today.




  1. HAPPY EASTER to you and all our Entlebucher friends everywhere. We hope Chris is feeling better too.
    Love Sheila and Mark XX

    • Thank you.Happy Easter to you too. Fortunately Dad is much better. He went to see a nice doctor at the hospital yesterday and they gave him some things that helped.
      Love Wilma

  2. Hi Wilma,
    It’s never dull in your household! Poor Dad and Mum. Hope your Dad is feeling better now and that the rash has gone. We have a friend that had adult Chickenpox and he was covered from head to foot in a rash – most unpleasant. Wishing all your family well on this Easter weekend.

    • Thank you. His immune system was reacting to a stomach virus. He’s a lot better now thank you.

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