An evening stroll – Monday 18th April 2022

An evening stroll

After the others went to bed, Mum and I had an evening stroll around the garden. We sat on each of the benches as we went round, looking at the garden from different angles. Mum tried taking some selfies of the two of us, but I rarely cooperate with those. I never like the camera right in my face. Ari was annoyed that he didn’t get to sit out with us, but that’s his own fault for always wanting to go to bed so early.

One of the benches was left by the previous resident, but it’s a bit broken. I’ve asked Mum if she could take me into account in replacing it. I find it much easier to get on and off safely if there aren’t too many holes to get claws stuck in. She said she’d talk to Dad and see what they could do.

Lickey Hills

Then last night we went to the Lickey Hills. I love it. I’m so glad we went. There are lovely walks and plenty of trees to play amongst. Dad thinks it could become one of our new favourite places and I can certainly see why. It takes about half an hour to get to from our house but it was well worth the time in the car. I even had Dad joining me for a stumpy while we were there. The tree had been cut quite recently and he got sticky sap on his trousers so I don’t think he’s quite as keen on them as I am.

It’s good because it’s open until dusk, whereas the other country park we were hoping to go to closes much earlier. Mum was happy to go when most of the people had gone home. She took her mask anyway, which was good as there were a lot of bluebells and she’s allergic to them. There are some in our garden to and she’s wondering what to do about them.



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