Burton Dassett Country Park – Tuesday 19th April 2022

Burton Dassett Country Park

Yesterday we went to Burton Dassett Country Park and it was very different to our previous day’s walk. There were all sorts of hills with views for miles and miles, even from my eye-height. Humans like that sort of thing, I preferred eating the sheep poo if I’m being honest. You walk amongst the sheep and their lambs. It was lovely. I don’t bother about them at all. I only get excited when I see other dogs. Most dogs I want to play with. However, I saw a Jack Russell and remembered Alfie’s lifelong grudge for having been attacked. Oh did I bark at that dog on Alfie’s behalf. We have long memories. It doesn’t do to cross us.

Sleeping well

With all the fresh air I’m getting I’m really sleeping well. When we came home we all spent the afternoon outside in the garden. Ari got Dad to help him replace the vents in the greenhouse so they can get on with seed sowing. They’re automatic openers and had stopped working so it was getting very hot in there. Shadow was trying to keep up with everyone again and finding it very hard, but she doesn’t give up.

Live willow hedge

Mum got it into her head she’d like to try planting a live willow hedge. She’s always coming up with one bonkers idea or another. I sat watching while she did it wondering what the chances are of it still looking alive in a day or two. She has done all the things she read were needed, but it can’t be as simple as that or everyone would do it. For the time being it looks quite nice. It might get eaten by the deer or the neighbouring sheep or just not start rooting. If it survives she says she’ll do some more. I’m not holding my barks.