Sink or Swim – Saturday 23rd April 2022

Sink or swim

So the question today is will it sink or swim? The duck house at present happily floating on the pond. The biggest problem is that so is the anchor. You would think a brick would sink. However, you would be reckoning without the humans worrying it might damage the pond liner. They studiously wrapped the brick in a thick plastic bag and tied it all up. The bag must contain some air as at present the duck house’s ‘anchor’ is floating next to the duck house. Given it was a windy day it was travelling around the pond quite nicely.

At least the first stage of the process went quite well and with the use of a rope and waders no ducks, or humans were hurt during the process of floating the house.


It was sitting down later admiring their handiwork that Mum hit on a better solution to the anchor problem. It would have been helpful if she’d had the thought a few hours earlier but you know what they say. Better late than be the only one at the party.

Today we have floating of the duck house – part 2. Mum has been tasked with making the new anchor arrangement ready for the switchover to take place. Dad thinks it will be easier than the first phase and can be accomplished without taking the whole thing out of the water. I just hope the ducks don’t try moving in before the work is finished. I think they’d get a bit of a shock to find themselves pulled to shore for a rebuild quite so early in the house moving process.

Apple trees

Dad has been planning where his cider apple trees can be planted. He was looking at various locations and then Mum hit on the idea of putting some in the front garden. Now Dad’s excited as Mum thinks there is room for seven trees of a small size. We aren’t pleased as that means we won’t be able to get to the fallen apples. Mind you, cider apples aren’t as sweet, so I probably don’t mind too much.



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  1. The pond and the duck house are looking lovely ? I did wonder if the waders were going to be enough but not as deep as I thought it was going to be.

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