Seed Planting – Monday 25th April 2022

Seed planting

Finally, Aristotle has managed to get Mum to help him with the seed planting. I know they’d done some of the outside planting but Ari was waiting for help with the ones which need to start in the greenhouse. Mum said he had to wait until the replacement vents were fitted and the sealant had been done. As all of that was done last week, it was finally time to get down to business. It would be an easier job if Ari hadn’t gone quite so mad with the seed catalogues. So far they have planted white and purple Echinacea Purpurea and three or four types of lavender. Mum has said if Ari is good then she’ll help him do some more later today. I think today is the rest of the lavender and then the mint.

No sign of the ducks

Despite their lovely house now having a new anchor and being a little more settled in the pond, there is no sign of the ducks. Unfortunately the order for floating duck food was cancelled as it was out of stock. Mum will buy some when it comes back in but that could be a while. In the meantime I do keep going to look to see if they are there, but Mum says that may be why they aren’t! 

I haven’t done any harm to the birds. Oh, I might think about it, but I haven’t done anything. I may have accidentally killed a bumble bee a couple of days ago, but now birds. I got a serious telling off for that as it was. I’m not sure if Mum was more upset about the bee or the fact I could have been stung – the bee I think. Oh, leaving it on her bedroom floor wasn’t a highlight either.



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