The Pig is Coming – Wednesday 27th April 2022

The pig is coming

Ari had an email to say the pig is coming. This is what happens when he gets hold of Mum’s credit card and the computer. Mind you, it’s also the sort of thing that happens when Mum can’t sleep. They buy weird stuff. I should perhaps stress that the pig is not a replacement or additional pet, so you don’t need to worry that any of us is feeling threatened. By now you’ve probably guessed that this is not the sort of household where when you think of garden sculptures you think of Greek goddesses and the like. In this household you have to think slightly random and offbeat. The griffins are about as close to normal as Mum can get and they were left by the previous owner.

Garden sculptures

I don’t honestly know which of them is responsible for the latest additions. Mum was definitely responsible for the Wind in the Willows sculptures and I think that may have been the beginning of the problem. Whichever one it was there is now an alligator and a pig  on the way to join the family. I’m really rather worried that the ducks might not appreciate the alligator sitting at the side of the pond. Mind you, I can’t think local ducks have met that many alligators so it may be fine.


Mum is getting cross with all of us for foraging for anything edible in the garden. She is worried that it could go very badly wrong, but so far we’re rather enjoying ourselves. Even Shadow is getting in on the act, but I think that’s why Mum is getting cross. Shadow’s tummy is delicate at the best of times. Mum says I should lead by example, but let’s face it, that’s never happened yet.



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