Evidence – Friday 29th April 2022


We have evidence that the squirrel is guilty. I think he must have been disturbed burying this particular peanut amongst the other trough of parsnips and carrots. He’s done more damage. Now, here is the irony. Firstly, Mum bought the peanuts for him in the first place. Secondly, he doesn’t need to hide them as she will simply give him some more when his current ration runs out. Either he is not understanding how things work around here or he is a very ungrateful squirrel.

Not sure about pig

The pig and the alligator arrived yesterday. I’ll be honest, the alligator didn’t scare me one bit. It may be because I’ve never seen a real one that it doesn’t occur to me to be totally terrified. The pig on the other paw was a completely different matter. On the one paw he does look very realistic and that’s speaking from a dog with experience of meeting pigs. On the other paw, it was what happened when I met the real pigs that I think has caused my anxiety. The pigs were behind an electric fence and I made the mistake of going to say hello. I now associate pigs with giving me a nasty electric shock. You wouldn’t believe how long it took Mum to convince me that this particular pig was not my enemy.

More seed planting

Ari got his marrow seeds in pots yesterday. He had done the spaghetti squash the day before, so he’s making progress. He needs to do some digging before he gets his broccoli in. He’s a bit fed up really. Having cleared the raspberry bed ready to use it for vegetables he clearly didn’t get all the roots and it’s all growing back. That seems to be happening all over our garden, although mostly with weeds.



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