Where are the ducks? – Sunday 8th May 2022

Where are the ducks?

Ok, so where are the ducks? We gave them a house. We bought them some food – although it turns out Mum keeps forgetting to put any out for them. Are they grateful? It seems not. They’ve done a runner – swim or fly. Mum is now wondering if it was a mistake to put an alligator next to the pond. Maybe the ducks are more educated than we’d realised.

In case that is the problem I’ve helped Mum to move the alligator. Disconcertingly he’s now sitting in Mum and Dad’s little bistro area (the pergola), in the place where Mum plans to build a bar b q. Now we need to see if the ducks come back.

Exciting development

Ari is particularly excited about his spaghetti squash seed that has germinated. The fact there are lots of tiny thyme, lavender, borage, sorrel, dill, parsley and oregano seedlings he is not finding nearly as exciting as the one rather large squash seedling. He says if it is starting at that size he is expecting it to take over the whole greenhouse before long.

He’s asked Mum where he’s supposed to plant it, but the problem is the vegetable bed isn’t ready. We thought it was until we found how bad the soil was. We’re all working very hard to dig it and take out the stones, but there is a long way to go. Maybe he can plant it in the corner we’ve already dug.

Sleeping well

At least with all the time outdoors we’re all sleeping well. Shadow can start falling asleep still standing up, she’s so tired. She does hate to miss out. I at least have the sense to go indoors when I get too hot, Shadow rather oddly chose to go and sit in the greenhouse. Mum had to persuade her to move to somewhere more sensible.