Being famous – Tuesday 10th May 2022

Being famous

There’s a problem with being famous. People send me all their press releases and ask me to tell you their news. Oh the times that I write back politely explaining that as a dog I’m not interested in the latest skincare range, human food ranges, spa resorts and so on. Some of the suggestions I receive are almost worth my using simply to point out why as a dog they have no bearing on me at all. Mostly it is people who want to use me for free advertising and some days I can have a dozen emails asking me to promote some irrelevant products.


I’m seriously thinking I should be responding where I’m offered the opportunity to interview someone about their latest book on, for example ‘simplifying life’. If I set up a telephone call with them and simply bark into the phone how do you thing they would respond? Mum won’t let me try to find out. Should I just do it?

Alfie used to want to be famous but he had no idea what it was going to entail back then. It’s a very big responsibility. Some days I just want to be an ordinary dog.

Shouty day

I blame the frustration with the level of email for how shouty I was yesterday. I just needed to let out some of my frustration and have a good bark. Mum is not impressed. Ari was as bad so in the end Mum made us spend the afternoon outside gardening. Ari was helping with the weeding of the herb bed and I helped build a new bench and then sat watching them weeding. Sometimes you just need to kick back and relax. Life’s already pretty simple as a dog. Perhaps I should write a book encouraging people simply to ‘be more dog’.

Ari outside his greenhouse



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