Guesswork – Sunday 15th May 2022


There’s a lot of guesswork going on here. Ari doesn’t know what his seedlings are supposed to look like and so can’t tell the difference between his seedlings and the weeks. He has a horrible feeling that he might have pulled out some of his herb seedlings in his enthusiasm to weed around his herb bed. Mum was no help. She didn’t have a clue either. She says if they wait long enough they will be able to tell, but by then the weeds will be taking over.

Growing lemons

Mum is worried about the lemons and we’ve only had them a couple of days. The problem is that the advice sheet they came with has different information to the guidance that Dad found. Now of course, Dad is always right, or so we lead him to believe, but Mum doesn’t know how much water to give them. She sat down with the lemon plants to discuss it, but I don’t know if it was her language skills (she clearly knows none of whatever language the lemons speak) but they were certainly reticent on the subject. You can kill them by overwatering or underwatering. We need Goldilocks to help us work out when it’s just right.

Cherry girl

Me, I’m just a cherry sort of girl. I’m reckoning if I sit here long enough I can catch these cherries before the birds do. The problem is that I like them ripe and the birds are not so bothered.

Mind you, Mum would rather I sat here. I have been told in no uncertain terms that now that Mr and Mrs Duck have returned I am not to chase them. You know what it’s like the minute someone tells you not to do something. After that your desire to do the opposite of what they want can become all consuming.



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