Oh dear – Thursday 19th May 2022

Oh dear

Oh dear, all our plans are in disarray. Ari told you that Dad has Covid and that may affect him being able to come home next week as planned. Well, everything became much more complicated when later on Tuesday evening some of the ligaments in Mum’s left knee decided they didn’t want to work anymore. She had to call her lovely friend to ask if she could be taken to the hospital. We were all in bed and had to wait to see what was happening. Mum came home just after midnight, wearing a big black thing on her leg. It goes right from her thigh down to her ankle and she isn’t allowed to drive.

Now what happens?

Mum has no idea how long she will be hobbling around on crutches. Ari offered to try using the sit on mower for her, but Mum didn’t think that such a good idea. If Dad can come home Mum won’t be able to collect him from the airport. If he gets here from the airport Mum won’t be able to take meals up to him while he’s in quarantine and can’t get the room ready for him. We’re all a bit fed up really, especially Mum.

Aristotle’s disappointment

To Aristotle’s disappointment it means he won’t be going to hydrotherapy next week. On the bright side, Mum has tried cheering him up by ordering the collar he really wanted. She’s just hoping the one she has ordered will be big enough for him. He’s feeling very proud in the meantime as Mum is letting him use Alfie’s old collar until it arrives. He says that is making him feel very special. Mum even asked if he wanted to keep it longer term. He said ‘not that special’ in reply to that one. He doesn’t want to miss out on the opportunity of a lovely new one of his own.



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