Testing Testing – Wednesday 25th May 2022

Testing testing

Testing testing 1…2…3… Oh I had fun yesterday doing some testing with my half brother Salvo. I can’t tell you too much about it yet as we still have to write up what we were doing. It turns out, if you can’t actually go for a walk yourself the next best thing is to be able to talk to your brother while he goes. Of course, I’m a little bit jealous and he was on a walk somewhere I’ve never been. I’m hoping once Mum’s leg is sorted out that she might take me to walk with him there. You will have to wait for me to tell you about what it was soon.


Shadow is not so good. She seems to be taking some fluid into her lungs when she’s asleep and then coughing a lot when she wakes up to get rid of it. On top of that, she is also not feeling great and is a bit unsteady on her feet. She landed in a pile on the floor twice yesterday and needed quite a bit of reassurance from Mum before getting up again. She didn’t want to eat first thing and nor did she want to walk very far into the back garden when she had the chance. Mum is very concerned and given Shadow’s age she has told us we may all need to be prepared. Mum stayed close to her all day and even Ari was nice to his mother, which is quite unusual. We are very pleased that Dad is coming home in a couple of days. That might be just the tonic that Shadow needs to start feeling better.


Before I forget, Ari really wanted me to tell you that one of his marrow seeds has germinated. He planted them at the same time as the squash seeds. The squashes have almost all come through and none of the marrows had. You won’t believe how excited he got that finally one of the marrows is poking through the soil. He’s hoping some of the others might follow.




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