Vet Visit for Shadow – Thursday 26th May 2022

Vet visit for Shadow

Well it was a vet visit for Shadow. Because Mum can’t drive at the moment, the first problem was finding someone to take them. Thankfully that was resolved. Overnight on Tuesday Shadow was struggling to sleep for very long as she was getting a build up of fluid on her lungs and then coughing to clear it. At one point Mum thought she was going to have to call the emergency vet, but she sat with Shadow soothing her until she could cough everything clear. It was a very long night and by yesterday morning we were all feeling it.

In summary

Shadow’s breathing was faster than it should have been, she had fluid on her chest and a slight temperature. She didn’t want to eat and didn’t want to move far. Mum also thought she had some water retention as she didn’t really pee. The vet has said that her heart rate is even, which is good. Shadow came home with antibiotics and diuretics, I think. She took her first dose when she came in and an hour or so later did want some lunch, although not all of it. A little while after we’d all been out for the toilet Shadow went to sleep and was absolutely sparko out to the world for a couple of hours.

Paws crossed

If the medication works there is no reason to think she won’t be back on her paws soon. She may have to be on some of the medication long term, but that would be all right as it’s fine with her current tablets. We just need to wait and hope it works. The lovely vet said we should see some improvement by Friday and if not we need to ring. Hopefully, by the time Dad comes home on Friday night she will be her usual bouncy self.



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  1. Dear Wilma,
    Hope all goes well with Shadow. Thinking of you all ? xx

    • Thank you. We’re waiting for the medication to really start working. Paws crossed. Love Wilma

    • Thank you. Today she is mainly sleeping. She’s not really eating, which is worrying Mum.
      Love Wilma

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