All about Shadow – Friday 27th May 2022

All about Shadow

Life seems to be all about Shadow at the moment. She didn’t want to eat yesterday morning, but had had a slightly better night, only collapsing once as a result of waking up and coughing to clear her lungs. We all slept for much longer which was good. Shadow is peeing when we all go outside now, so that is an improvement too. She doesn’t want to walk very far at all and gets very upset if she can’t see Mum. She slept almost all of yesterday – Shadow, not Mum. It took until around two in the afternoon for Shadow to eat breakfast, and then only because Mum added some of the meat from her sandwich to make it more tasty.

Today we need to see if she’s regained her appetite and talk to the vet if she hasn’t. Hopefully Dad coming home tonight will also help her to rally.

Better weather

Life really is dictated by the weather around here. Mum has promised as long as it’s better weather she will sit outside with Shadow while Ari and I cause mayhem. I’m helping Ari with his gardening. We’re both going round eating any fox poo we find to clear up and some of the compost heap. Mum is getting quite paranoid that one of these days we’re going to eat something we shouldn’t. She’s even asked me to put in some time to researching a list of all the things we shouldn’t eat so that we know. She is busy taking plants out of the garden too, to reduce the risk of getting it wrong.

Bark mulch

Even some bark mulch isn’t safe for us dogs. Ari wants some around the plants to stop the weeds growing. He’s asked Mum to find some that is definitely safe as we both like chewing bark and that would be an easy mistake to make.




    • Thank you. She has eaten a little this morning and is brighter, so we’ve got our paws crossed.
      Love Wilma

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