Heidi – Rest in Peace – Sunday 29th May 2022

Heidi rest in peace

Many of you will have followed Heidi’s story over the years and I know a number of you have supported her financially, for which we will always be grateful. Heidi was one of our breed, a granddaughter of Shadow’s. She was born with a condition called ectopic ureter, which means the line from the kidney to the bladder enters the bladder in the wrong place. Most puppies who have the condition die while they are puppies. Not Heidi, she was a fighter. Those who make it through puppyhood normally die by the age of three years. Not Heidi, she was courageous.

Many Operations

As a young dog she underwent a number of operations in an attempt to correct the condition, but sadly they were unsuccessful. She spent her life incontinent and often in discomfort. Heidi lived with our breed rescue coordinator, but was always made to feel part of the family and was a very happy dog who lived the best life she could have. She always had a smile. Always wanted to play ball. Always loved and wanted to be loved.


Sadly, her kidneys were failing rapidly and could no longer do the job they needed to do. Heidi didn’t complain, she continued to stoically continue with her everyday activities despite losing quite a lot of weight. At the age of six years, she crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Friday. Her lifelong care was paid for by the many kind people who donated to looking after this beautiful soul. Our whole Club loved her and were rooting for her. It was through raising money for Heidi that I once visited the Swiss Ambassador at the Swiss Embassy in London. She was worth it all.

Heidi (right) with Alfie’s girlfriend Bella

We especially want to thank the wonderful human who cared for her and did so much for her over the years. Alfie would be especially proud and want to add his thoughts as that particular human is the one who owns the one girl Alfie ever loved, Bella.

Final Words

There are no better final words for Heidi than the ones from the wonderful person who cared for her.

“She had a great day of ‘favourites’ … she went to the river, got a brand new tennis ball which is with her and she had sausage rolls for tea!

We made her a flower collar and she crossed the rainbow bridge looking like a queen with dog roses, lavender, red roses, buttercup, daisy and willow around her neck, she looked beautiful. Everyone who sees her body will know that she was very very loved.”

Our love and licks go out to her as well as the gratitude from all of our breed. Rest in peace, Heidi. One day we’ll see you on the other side of the bridge with your ball, ready to play.




  1. Rest in peace Heidi. It sounds like you have had a lovely life and you went across the rainbow bridge looking like a queen. I am sure that Alfie was so pleased to see you at the other side ??

    • Thank you. Alfie will be showing her how everything works, I’m sure.

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