Accident Prone – Sunday 5th June 2022

Accident prone

There is not getting away from it, Mum is accident prone. This is why I needed to stay with her as her supervisor while Dad went out yesterday. I did a good job. On my watch nothing went wrong. I might be at fault for thinking Dad was keeping an eye on her while they were gardening, but I had passed over responsibility. As I think I’ve told you, as a result of tearing the ligaments in her knee Mum is currently wearing a very fetching leg brace. She was doing some grass edging yesterday when her other foot went down a hole and she couldn’t right herself very easily. This is where having four legs helps. Anyway, she didn’t fall over. She did however hit her mouth with the handle of the grass edgers has chipped her tooth.

Being Philosophical

Being philosophical about these things, it was at least the same tooth that Alfie chipped when he was a puppy. He jumped up at Mum in his excitement at seeing her and head butted her. She learnt not to lean down to welcome us after that. She only leans down to us after we calm down. A wise move. I’m not sure what she’s going to learn about the edging shears. Probably it’s safer if she isn’t allowed to use sharp objects, although it was the blunt end which did the injury.


We were all outside so much yesterday that Ari and Shadow were both exhausted and limping. They just don’t know how to pace themselves. I think we were all pleased to have a sit down later. Ari wants to take some photos of the herbs and vegetables to show you but he ran out of time, so that will wait. What I want to know is what on earth do you do with Borage? It’s all very well growing it, but now what?



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