Tired old dogs – Monday 6th July 2022

Tired old dogs

Oh dear, Ari and Shadow are both tired old dogs. It’s easy to forget that Ari will be eleven in September. He’d been working so hard in the garden that it’s hardly surprising he needed a rest. The funny thing was seeing him as the opposite bookend to his mother. They were even touching and that is not normal. Shadow needs to rest most of the time and when it was sunny she was finding all sorts of spots around the garden where she could occasionally open an eye to check what was happening, but doze comfortably the rest of the time.

Aristotle’s herbs

Ari insisted I took his picture with his herb bed so you could see how well he’s doing. There are some more to go in, which he’s growing from seed in the greenhouse, but he says they need a few more days first. He’s fed up about the marrows having to go into his herb bed as they are taking up space he was planning on using for other things. For one thing, the borage is taking over so the sorrel needs to be moved to a better location.

Favourite plant

We’re all agreed that our current favourite plant is the Elder. Mum and Dad like it so much that they’ve bought another to go in the front garden. Dad planted it yesterday and we’re all hoping it will grow up to look as lovely as the one in the back. Mum says they need to try making elderberry wine or at the very least jam.

Intimate moment

I don’t really mind the time Ari spends gardening with Mum. Most of the time I don’t stay still long enough for it to be a problem. When I do it gives me an opportunity to have an intimate moment with Dad without Ari getting in the way. That’s the hardest thing about being one of three dogs – the times you went to tell your human how much you love them and you get head-butted out of the way by one of the others.



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