No further forward – Friday 10th June 2022

No further forward

Well, we’re no further forward with what is wrong with Shadow. Her scan shows that there is no change to her heart from her last scan, which is good news. She has a very slow heart rate, so the collapsing could be a pacemaker problem. It does not account for the fluid on her lungs. The vet thinks it might be a bronchial problem, but there is no clear picture. Her temperature is normal now, which is good. He has also taken some blood to test her thyroid levels and will get the results in a few days.

Reducing tablets

Shadow has been told to try reducing the diuretic tablets she is on now. Mum is concerned as with not being able to drive at the moment, when Dad goes back she’s stuck if she needs to get out. She has enough tablets in case she needs to increase the dose again and will look at bringing it down slowly. I think this may leave Mum a little stressed.

Finishing Jobs

Today is definitely going to be a garden day. Mum and Dad are trying to get lots of jobs finished before Dad goes away on Monday. Mum has promised Ari that once Dad has gone she will help him with all the things he’s waiting for. He wants to pot on the rest of his seedlings and work out what is going to be planted where. He has a big patch of garden waiting for him to plant the rest of his herbs and he’s impatient to get on with it. The problem is that some of the plants he needed to make it look nice didn’t germinate, so he’s going to have to do it a little differently than he’d hoped. I said he could always use the borage in the gaps, that is definitely growing and none of us knows what to do with it.



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