I miss ice cream – Sunday 12th June 2022

I miss ice cream

The worst thing about not having our usual travels is that I miss ice cream. I saw some pictures of Shadow’s daughter Cinders with her ice cream yesterday and my first thought was ‘I want one’. Mum doesn’t generally give us ice cream at home and even when we’ve been out recently she hasn’t wanted to go to ice cream stands or into shops. It’s very hard on a dog when she can’t have her second most favourite food in the world. Steak is number one, obviously! I think I should write to Cinders and see if I could go to stay with her for a while so we can have an ice cream binge together. She seems to know all the best places to go.

Time with Mum

To be honest, I really miss the one to one time with Mum too. When there are three of you to share Mum’s affection it can be pot luck. When we go away together I have her undivided attention and, if I’m being honest, I do like that best. I’m not getting any younger. I don’t want to find our whole special travelling together has passed me by. I would have made the most of the previous trips if I’d realised just how long there would be before the next one.


Squirrel has moved on from digging up the vegetables at the moment. The problem is that the straw mulch that Dad is putting down to stop the weeds feels REALLY nice to dig in. It has already been explained to Ari in words of one syllable that he must not dig in it, play in it, eat it, roll in it… Now it seems that squirrel is in for the same lecture, but with the addition of must not bury nuts under it. It’s their own fault for buying something that feels so nice to play in.



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