Very quiet – Tuesday 14th June 2022

Very quiet

Except for Mum talking to herself the house seems very quiet. It isn’t that Dad makes a lot of noise, we tend to be the ones who do that, it’s just him not being here. The floor doesn’t creak, so Ari doesn’t bark. Ari doesn’t bark, so Shadow doesn’t bark. I’m going to have to make up for all of them.  On the plus side, the weather is good and Mum wants to spend lots of time outside, which suits me and Ari. Shadow’s finding it a little warm, so has stayed inside more. She is having an x-ray on Friday to see if we can get to the bottom of what is going on. Very often when we dogs have xrays we do it under sedation to stop us moving at the wrong time. Mum doesn’t want Shadow to be sedated, so she is hoping she can stay still.


When we went out first thing yesterday the heron was sitting on the duck house. It had to be one of those times when none of us had a camera handy. Mum said we’d have scared it away and he probably wouldn’t be back for a while. However, when we went out next he was back and sitting by the pond. Do you think it would help him if I put out a sign which said ‘no fish live here’?

Hedgehog house

One of Mum’s presents last Christmas was a hedgehog house. It has been sitting on the dining table for a while now. I can’t think for a minute that she is expecting any hedgehogs to make their way into the dining room, let along climb onto the table. Finally, Mum is trying to find a good location to put it so that it’s ready for next winter. I think she’s planning for it to be in the front garden so we can’t investigate. Harsh – but probably sensible. We’re not good at leaving things like that alone.



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