Criminal Law – Wednesday 15th June 2022

Criminal law

In criminal law in this country if you can’t prove who committed the crime then you can’t find them guilty. I’m distressed to find this only applies to humans. Mum has no idea which of us sat on the cotton lavender and broke one of the stems. It could have been any of us. Now, by my reckoning that must mean she can’t actually punish any of us. How is it fair that all of us have been docked a biscuit? I suppose if I’d been feeling nice, I’d have held my paw up and admitted my crime. At least then the other two could still have a biscuit. I’m not nice – well, not like that anyway. If I’d have thought they would then have shared their biscuits with me it might have been a different matter, but the chances of that were slim.

Best intent

I only sat there because Mum was working nearby and I wanted to be close to her. Of course I didn’t meant to actually sit on the plant, but I can be heavy pawed sometimes and just didn’t realise. I would like to stress at this point that I was not the one who ploughed into one of the sunflowers – at least I don’t think I was. Nor was I the one who fell over on the tray of seedlings because I’m old and have difficulty cornering – that was Shadow! I may however have been the one barking at our neighbour when he was trying to get rid of some brambles by the fence.

On a funnier note

On a funnier note as far as we are concerned. Mum currently is wearing two knee braces, one on each knee. They fasten with Velcro. It is now completely possible for her to accidentally Velcro her legs together and not be able to move. It happened earlier and was the cause of much merriment as well as telling us to get out of the way while she sorted the problem out.




  1. Oh Wilma,
    I shouldn’t have laughed but I did?. You painted such a visual picture. Your poor Mum. Hope her knees are improving with all the Velcro’d support.?

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