Feeling old – Monday 20th June 2022

Feeling old

It’s Ari here and I’m feeling old. I’d still thought of myself as a puppy up until last week. Now all that has changed and reality has hit home. I did not cope on the really hot day. I don’t mean I felt too hot and didn’t want to do anything. Let’s be honest I don’t want to do anything most of the time. No, I overheated and scared Mum and myself. I was panting so hard that I was producing a lot of mucus and drool. That led to me not being able to breathe properly. I was a mess. Mum gave me her full attention and the others were very good, letting Mum focus on me.

Action plan

I had a cool coat and a cool mat and a fan. It just wasn’t enough. I’ve been very quiet since trying to recover and re-evaluate life. Our house has a lot of windows and heats up very easily. Mum and I have been talking about all the things she can do to help. Some are not quick to fix. To begin with Mum has closed curtains and blinds to block out more of the sun coming in. She’s also said she will make sure enough doors and windows are open to try to get rid of any build up of heat. She’s ordered an air-conditioning unit but it won’t come until Friday. It isn’t forecast to be as hot as last week, but it may be warm on Wednesday and Thursday so I’m a little worried.


The reality of age is dawning on me. Years ago I’d have been fine, but a combination of advancing years and my heart has suddenly made me contemplate my own mortality. I’m going to be eleven next birthday and that’s only three months away. I have to accept I’m really not a puppy anymore. Mum says I’ll always be her puppy and she is spoiling me, which is nice. I guess I have to take a day at a time.

Take care out there people, it’s a wild world.



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  1. Poor Ari, getting old is no fun. Remember to keep those windows closed during the hottest periods of the day. An open window let’s in heat. Keep curtains closed and open windows when temperatures drop to let cool air in. And of course drink lots of water ?

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