Check your chip – Wednesday 22nd June 2022

Check your chip

Today is a little reminder to check your chip. Apparently someone has decided it’s National Microchipping Month. I was going more with the National Ice Cream for Dogs Month, but I was outvoted. When I said that, Shadow got quite cross with me as this is a subject very dear to her heart. It’s been eleven years since her fateful trip to Switzerland when her microchip failed and she couldn’t come home. It’s an experience she will never forget. If you can’t remember the saga then follow this link to when it all happened. The whole sorry tale went on for a few weeks and you might want to read the days which followed.

Having a microchip is now compulsory, so this applies to every one of you dogs. So here thanks to Pooch and Mutt’s in house vet Dr Linda Simon are some tips for you and your human.


Whether you travel or not, checking your microchip regularly is a very good idea. They can move around a dog’s body, so may not be exactly where you thought you’d left it. They can also fail altogether. It is not common but it does happen. If you’re travelling or lost when it happens then you are going to be in real difficulties. If you travel regularly it can be worth getting your own handheld microchip reader. They are relatively inexpensive now and are certainly cheap compared to dealing with the consequences of failure. If you don’t have one than ask your vet to check your chip when you go for check-ups.

Know where your data is stored

Apparently there are no less than 17 different pet databases registered in the UK alone. That’s an awful lot of places to check if you can’t remember who you registered your details with. Make sure your human has the information f where your details are stored. If they haven’t and you can’t remember than ask your vet to note it down for you when they next check your chip.

Keep your details up to date

If you move house, change your phone number or email – then make sure you update the information on the chip register that you are with. They aren’t psychic. They won’t guess you have new details and no one else is going to tell them for you.

Put Safety Above Profit

When you register your chip with a database try to make sure your human chooses one that allows changes without high fees. Some allow free updates. Others have an enhanced service for a single lifetime payment. Choose wisely.

Remember if you are lost or stolen this information is what may make the difference between you being reunited with your family and not doing. It’s important.



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