Herb gardens – Friday 24th June 2022

Herb gardens

Aristotle’s herb gardens are coming on. The borage is taking over the world and has totally eclipsed the sorrel. He doesn’t really mind as he has no idea what to do with either of them. Now the weather has cooled down a little he has persuaded Mum to help him with his long term plan. He planned this right at the very start but there have been one or two setbacks. Firstly, some of his seeds didn’t germinate, so he hasn’t got quite the mix of plants he wanted. Secondly, he got confused and has now mixed up some of the ones that did germinate so he has lost track of their colours.

The plan

For the original plan he had hoped to have alternate purple and white echinacea as the back row. In reality he has about twenty purple plants and only about five of white, so that didn’t work. In front he planned to have two different types of sage alternating. That turned out even worse. One lot failed completely. Aristotle is ever the optimist. He’s a bowl half full sort of a dog. As he’s ended up with over forty lavender plants he’s now alternating sage and lavender. That was when the mix up occurred. He has four different varieties of lavender, but he now has no idea which is which.

Hard work

He and mum now have thirty-five plants set out as he wants them, although he does keep changing his mind. Their job now is to plant them all and hope they carry on growing. They planted five yesterday and have thirty to do in stages today. Given that Ari can be heavy pawed and Mum can’t kneel down at the moment it could take them a long time. He does have some reserve plants in case he makes a mess of it.