Update on Shadow – Saturday 25th June 2022

Update on Shadow

I thought you might like an update on Shadow. She’s doing well. She is very happily eating the wet food which Mum bought for her. She says her mouth is beginning to feel a little better as well. Mum says she will see how Shadow gets on with mixing some of her dry food back into the wet and having a gradual change back to her normal diet over the next few days.

Shadow’s happy with that as she has always preferred dry food and has promised to be honest with Mum over how much her gums are hurting so we don’t simply get back to her not eating.


We don’t think the incontinence is an infection. It might have been caused by the combination of medication she was on and simply producing more urine than her body could cope with in a morning. We won’t know for a day or two, but the vet has said to stop one of the medications and see if the problem goes away. Mum seems fairly confident it will. Shadow will be very happy if she can stop wearing the pants. She hates them.

Fed up

What Shadow is really fed up about is just how much fur she’s been losing this week. Dad is coming home on Tuesday and she wants to look her best, but it’s been coming out by the pawful. Mum gave her a good brush yesterday and says it’s probably a mix of the hot weather and not being well. She’s sure it will grow back quickly, but Shadow doesn’t seem convinced. She says at her age nothing seems to happen very quickly. I told her that Dad loves her just the way she is and be happy to see her looking a little better.