Herbs are planted – Sunday 26th June 2022

Herbs are planted

The herbs are planted. All thirty-five are now in the ground. Ari has asked if he can sleep outside to make sure the birds, squirrels and slugs leave them alone. Mum has pointed out that they do still have some spares, so in a worst case they can fill in the odd gap or two.

Ari was actually feeling pretty fed up. He planned the whole project so carefully. The first change, I told you about. That was because some of his seeds didn’t germinate. However, Mum helped him to replan with what he’d got and he was happy. Then he got confused when he was doing the planting. Now at one point along the line, instead of being sage – lavender – sage – lavender, he has a length of sage – sage – lavender – lavender. Dad reassured him no one would notice, but Ari said he knew and that was all that mattered as it was his mistake.

Today’s plan

Today’s plan is exciting. Mum has a turkey to cook. The best part about something like that is that there is always some for us. If the weather is not too hot she says she’ll boil up the bones to make a stock for soup. The smell of it all will be torture, but it’s always worth the wait.

If I get too peckish I might go and raid one of Ari’s vegetable troughs. He’s got carrots about ready for eating and I’m definitely game to try them. He’s asked if we can all help get the rest of the vegetable bed ready so he can plant some more, but quite honestly it sounds a little like hard work. If it’s all the same to Aristotle I might just sit in the kitchen waiting for the turkey to cook and be on standby to help there if I’m needed.