Love in – Thursday 30th June 2022

Love in

We’re all having a bit of a love in with Dad. Just us dogs that is, Mum doesn’t get too close until we’re happy he hasn’t picked up covid on his way home. Shadow was beside herself when he arrived on Tuesday night. I really do mean beside herself too. She was so excited she completely forgot that her back legs don’t work very well. She jumped up to greet him and landed in a pile on the floor. Of course, that got her loads of sympathy, so much that I’m thinking of trying it as my party trick.

Aristotle being demonstrative

Ari usually saves his real obvious affection for Mum, but the whole being unwell thing the other week seems to have shaken that too. He has been first in line to tell Dad how much he loves him and to have lots of scratches and cuddles. Thankfully I feel very secure in knowing how much I’m loved so I don’t mind giving the other two the opportunity to be close. They won’t be there when I go to Switzerland with Mum later in the year. Neither of them have the opportunity of time as a spoiled only dog, so I can at least let them have more time now.

Showing off

Ari took Dad around the garden showing off all he has been doing while Dad was away. Dad is impressed by the herbs and is even agreeing to Ari having more space for them. Ari was trying to teach Dad how to sniff them to best effect, but he has a way to go there.

Ari has been researching what combinations of herbs are good for discouraging everything from wasps to mosquitoes, so that we can do that naturally where Mum and Dad like to sit. He’s hoping that if he gets it right they’ll spend even more time outdoors with us.