Overdoing it – Saturday 2nd July 2022

Overdoing it

Shadow has been overdoing it in the garden. She was trying to follow Mum round everywhere she went. It’s hard for her as she is feeling much better than she has been, so had utterly forgotten what happens to her back legs if she does too much. Her arthritis has kicked in making it very hard for her to get up, especially on the wood floor in the kitchen. Her back end sort of slithers away from her before she’s got it under control. She was very happy when we came to bedtime and said she’s not planning on doing nearly so much today.

One of the things we helped with yesterday was dismantling the wonky compost bin. It may be rebuild again in future but Mum says she doesn’t plan for it to look anything like it did this time around. If only I were allowed to take bets. I’m going with wonky in a different direction.


One problem I have is that when she or Aristotle are in pain they can get very grouchy. At one point or another both of them snapped at me yesterday. I may have been being more bouncy than they could cope with, but that really wasn’t the best way to speak to me. Mum is just glad that I don’t really retaliate. Fur could really fly in this house if I took up the challenge.


We have a visitor today. Mum has said that Aristotle and I may need to stay out of the way so that things don’t get too much for Shadow. Tyson, who is Mum’s nephew’s dog, is quite old too, so Mum thinks that Shadow won’t mind having him around. If she gets grumpy then she will do a swap with me and I’ve promised to be good and show him around.