Energetic – Thursday 7th July 2022


Ari has been asking if he’ll be more energetic when the medication he is on has kicked in. Mum pointed out that for the nine or so years when he didn’t have any problems with his heart he was as lazy as he is now, so it would be a bit of a surprise to everyone. Ari just grinned. It’s not as though Shadow has ever been any different in her behaviour, with or without medication. She has always, well as long as I’ve known her, been almost as crazy as me, just in different ways. She does a lot more sideways wiggling than I do. It can be quite impressive when she does it in mid-air.

Insect repellent

Ari is working with Mum on natural insect repellents to go on the patio. To be honest, I think it’s just an excuse for them to plant more herbs. She even bought him a new pot from the garden centre the other day so he can plant the lemon balm and sage in it. I think he just wants nice scents around when he’s napping under the garden table on the patio. I’m not complaining, I like the scents too. As a dog it’s always good to have lots of different things to sniff.


The box to go on the back of the front door to catch the post has arrived. Now I’m wondering, given the long list of jobs waiting to be done, how long it will be before it goes up. My guess is that it will only take Shadow eating one important thing for it to be top of the priority list. It might be better to do it before it gets to that point really. It’s only actually a risk of Mum goes out and she doesn’t do that very often.