Enjoying dessert – Sunday 10th July 2022

Enjoying dessert

Mum caught Ari and me enjoying dessert. What on earth do they expect? There are all these apples falling off the trees and going begging. If we didn’t eat them they would only have to clear them up, or let the wildlife eat them. Mum and Dad have different opinions there. Dad insists on clearing them away as he thinks it’s bad for the trees for them to stay on the ground underneath. Duh! With me and Ari around, they weren’t going to stay on the ground very long. Mum thinks we should leave them for the wildlife. She only then complains when the wildlife doesn’t stop at the apples and digs up the vegetables as well. That means in my book we are helping both of them.

Too hot

We’re spending our time staying in the shade as much as possible. Mum says she’s even too hot to do any gardening except earlier in the day or in an evening. Sitting in the shade is not too bad, but we’re better at that than Mum is. She seems to feel the need to do things. She will at least sit in the shade when our friends come to visit on Thursday. We’re really looking forward to that, but Mum has said it will be too hot for us all to be running around so we need to be sensible. It’s a shame the mice ate our paddling pool as it would have been good to get that out for them. Ari says he’ll probably stay indoors in the shade to be on the safe side. None of us wants a repeat of his episode of the other week.

On the plus side

On the plus side as our friends are bringing their humans Mum has added some extras to the shopping list for this week. She always buys things that will be safe if they fall into the wrong paws, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what we can scrounge. I wonder if our friends will like unripe apples as much as we do.



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