Hot and bothered – Tuesday 12th July 2022

Hot and bothered

It’s not fun when all of us are hot and bothered and getting on each other’s nerves. Ari can be very stupid for an intelligent dog. When it’s hot I stay in the shade it even overrides my desire to eat apples. Ari on the other paw will stop at nothing to beat me to the apple pile. Mum had to go and find him several times yesterday to bring him in, for his own good. The problem then is that it’s hard to keep him indoors. Obviously Mum doesn’t want to close the doors to the house, but if she doesn’t Ari just wanders off again. He seems to have forgotten how ill he made himself only a couple of weeks ago.

Some dogs just don’t learn! I would have expected better of Ari though.

Old table and chairs

Mum always ends up doing things like this. She can’t really bear to throw anything away. When the new garden furniture came, only two of the previous chairs made it as far as the pile of things too broken to keep. The other four went in the shed and the table made it as far as the side of the house. Now she’s had the bright idea of bringing them back into use under a tree where it’s shady.

There are two problems with this plan. Firstly, that’s my tree and I don’t want it there. Secondly, if the chairs and table were wonky and broken on the patio how does she expect them to be miraculously all right when put on uneven ground? I’m going to have to warn my friends to tell their humans to be careful if they sit down there. On the bright side they will be cooler, however on the downside they may land on the floor.



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