Not impressed – Wednesday 13th July 2022

Not impressed

We’re not impressed. Anyone would think we were problem dogs and we really aren’t. Yesterday Mum and Dad went out because it was Grandpa’s funeral. Obviously Mum could not control what time of day things were happening at so it meant that our lunch was going to be late. She actually left a note on the window to apologise if we started howling because our lunch was late. She told people they didn’t need to worry about us. Honestly, how fair is that? Of course people need to worry about us if our lunch is late. Why else would we howl? We could starve here. No smart comments about me having an ounce or two spare to lose, that wouldn’t help matters. If I’m hungry I’m hungry even if I am a little round around the middle.

As it turns out

As it turns out, we didn’t starve. Lunch wasn’t very much delayed and afterwards we sat down and gave mum a big cuddle and asked how the morning had gone. Mum is quite a positive person and had read a poem which finished with the words ‘make me proud of what you become’, now she’s sitting down being determined and thinking of all the things she would like to do to make Grandpa proud. I’m quite a positive dog too, so I’m offering my paw to help her. Between us there must be all sorts we could do.

More mundane

At a more mundane level, everywhere is turning a little bit brown. We could do with some rain as the grass isn’t so soft underpaw right now. On the bright side, Mum spends less time in mowing it, but it’s really not as nice to roll on as it was. I hope my friends aren’t disappointed when they come to play tomorrow.



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