One down two to go – Monday 18th July 2022

One down two to go

Well, that’s one down and two to go. Yesterday only went up to 32 degrees here, but as it turned out that was quite enough. I didn’t really want to do very much. All my thoughts about not wanting to stay indoors went out of the window. More to the point, my thoughts stayed inside with the windows open. It was too hot to want to do anything. We did quite well at keeping the house tolerably cool. Mum said that was only a practice run for today. Today will be even hotter.


Mum sometimes has bright ideas which don’t turn out to be quite so bright. She bought a bigger parasol for the garden table than the one she’s had for the last 24 years. The problem is that it is too big and heavy for her to keep putting away, so it needs to stay outside. That’s fine as it does have a cover to go over it. What isn’t fine is the top of the umbrella is too high for her to take the cover off the umbrella or put it back on. Yesterday she found a solution.

Apple picker

Dad has an apple picker, which is a long handle with a hand on the end to grab the apple from high up on the tree. Mum found it can also be used to grab the top of the parasol cover and lift it off the umbrella. With a little bit of manoeuvring she also managed to use it to put the cover back on. I think she must have spent too long at the fair as a child using the games with a metal grab to try to win one of the toys. On the bright side it does mean we can have more shade on the patio even when Dad is not here to use the stepladder.