Guinea Pig – Sunday 24th July 2022

Guinea Pig

Don’t worry, we’re not getting another pet it’s Ari being the guinea pig. Mum is looking at getting a different car. As with everything else she starts by setting out her criteria and the most important one is ‘will we be comfortable’. For safety we have crates in the boot of the car and she likes us to have enough room to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably. It’s not such a big deal if you are only travelling a few miles down the road, but I have to say when you drive half way across Europe it is definitely something we appreciate.

Long in the body

As a breed we are long in the body. Ari is the biggest of all of us and as a result he’s the longest too. Mum wants him to get in her existing car and show how much spare space he has and tell her what would work best. Some of the cars she’s looking at would give us a little more width but less length, some would have the length but not the head room. She would take us to the car show room to try each of the cars out, but the staff can get a bit funny about that. Alfie went to choose her car when they lived in Belgium, but in the UK people seem a little less understanding.

Paws Up

Apart from the car testing it’s a paws up sort of a day. I think Mum and Dad want to potter in the garden, which suits all of us very well indeed. Mum said something about them going out for a while, but I’m working hard to get her to change that idea, unless it is for a walk involving me. Perhaps now’s a good time to remind Mum it’s my birthday tomorrow.



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