Planning ahead – Wednesday 27th July 2022

Planning ahead

Mum has been planning ahead. Dad is going to have a special birthday soon, so we’ve been looking at somewhere we can take him for it. When I say ‘we’, I’m delighted to say that I do seem to be included. Shadow and Ari won’t come with us, but they won’t mind that too much. Ari hates having to be on his best behaviour and Shadow finds going away all a little too stressful these days. I keep suggesting places that my friends have recommended. Apparently it’s not so much about me as about the others who are going. I find that a little disappointing.

Insect graveyard

It’s not deliberate, but the blinds on the roof of our garden room act as an insect graveyard. The poor insects fly up there trying to get out and just get stuck instead. Mum has been trying to vacuum them all up, but she says that we need to find a way to stop it happening. I suggested putting some signs up saying ‘this way out’ but Mum doesn’t think that will work. She’s looking at putting film on the windows to stop the heat so that the blinds aren’t needed. My concern, given her being not entirely safe on ladders, is how she thinks she’s going to get the film up there.

Borrowed time

Mum’s computer is living on borrowed time. It’s a laptop, but if you move it or so much as catch it with your paw, it turns off. She hates changing computer but has finally given in and ordered a replacement. I’m really excited as it means we won’t have to sit in the office so much. I’ve never thought there is much point to a laptop that you can’t move, but it’s limped on like that for a long time. I’m thinking of all the places we could sit instead of the office – like up a mountain, or in some woods. Although, now I’m thinking about it, I’d rather she wasn’t working at those times at all.



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