Being lectured – Friday 29th July 2022

Being lectured

Yesterday was a day of being lectured. Dad actually made me and Aristotle sit in front of him so he could give us a talking to. To be more accurate we were both supposed to be sitting in front of him but Ari stubbornly continued eating the apple he was in the middle of. I sat nicely, like the good girl I am. Mind you, if I was very good and listened to the lecture I wouldn’t have gone back to eat more apples afterwards. Mum has given up telling us not to do it. Now she just wants me to eat the good ones that fall and stop eating the ones that are rotten. She doesn’t appreciate cleaning up when I’ve been sick.

Tail in the face

The second incident was because I forgot how different humans are to dogs. Mum was weeding near the back door when I wanted to go in for a drink. Honestly, is it really my fault that she didn’t appreciate my tail in her face as I went by? Dogs don’t think anything of those sorts of things so it didn’t even occur to me. I was asked not to do it again. When I say ‘asked’ that might be an understatement of the situation.

Shadow’s tummy

Ari and I weren’t the only ones being lectured. Shadow had an upset stomach and worse than that she has REALLY bad wind. It’s because she’s been eating things in the garden again. The problem is that when she does make herself ill it can have really bad knock on consequences so I can actually see Mum’s point on this one. Bearing in mind that Shadow is deaf, none of what Mum said to her registered. On balance, that’s not so different to me and Ari.