Pipistrelle Bats – Saturday 30th July 2022

Pipistrelle Bats

We’ve had a maternity unit of pipistrelle bats. We knew they were there, but only found out yesterday some more about them. They have moved out now, so we will have to wait until they come back next year. Mum and Dad had to have a bat survey done for the building work they want to do. The bats are in no way affected by any of that, and Mum already knew that, but we still had to prove that to the council. It was interesting to learn that only the females will have roosted in the eaves of the lounge, hat their young and then gone back to living separately. They don’t live as a group in the winter, just for the summer to have their young.

Squash and Marrow

Ari wanted me to show you a picture of his marrow growing attempts. There are quite a lot of them and they’re taking over. He’s only got one marrow plant, the rest are spaghetti squash. He says he can’t really tell the difference at the moment. He’s assuming that they will look a little different as they grown more.

Having said that, Mum has started eating the carrots and parsnips he’s been growing. She pulled a carrot out that looked exactly like a parsnip. I don’t know what had gone wrong with it as it was completely white and totally inedible. Even I didn’t want to bother eating it.

Shadow collapsed again

After her upset tummy which concerned Mum, Shadow had another fainting episode yesterday morning. She managed to get up to go outside, which was fortunate. Then she just collapsed and was out of it for a little longer than before. Mum had to clean her up as she’d lost control of her bladder in the process and was then lying where she’d peed. Poor Shadow was very upset and wanted to stay very close to Mum. She’s eating well though, so I think she’s ok.