Cars – Sunday 31st July 2022


Yesterday seemed to be all about cars. Mum and dad finally got around to washing Alfie’s little car. I still think of it as Alfie’s even though he’s not here. I was horrified when I heard them talking as they are thinking of selling it. They can’t do that, it was Alfie’s. We all like that little car. Admittedly, Shadow doesn’t like going in any car anymore and Mum never takes me or Ari out in it, but that doesn’t mean we don’t still want it. Mum has had it for twenty-four years. That’s a very long time. I think she’d really like to keep it, even though she can’t really drive it anymore.

I also heard her talking to someone about buying a different car, one that will be easier for her with her bad knee. What really confused me is that it could well be exactly the same as the one she’s got – not Alfie’s car, but the one we all fit in. She says that works well as our crate will still fit in it.

Shadow back to normal

Shadow is back to normal and says thank you for all the concern. She doesn’t mean to cause so much alarm and would very much prefer not to have any of these episodes. At least this one seems to have been a one off, which is a blessing. She’s been worrying about her children. One of the puppies from her first little needs to find a new home. He’s a full brother to Aristotle so will be eleven in September. It’s a hard time to have to adjust to a new life. We need to find him somewhere he can be happy for the rest of his life, but that is not always easy to do for an old dog. He’s in good health, so he could have a few years left.

Ari wants him to come here, but Mum says that’s a last resort. He’s not used to being one of a pack, so probably wouldn’t really appreciate it.



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  1. Liebe Shadow wir sind sehr erleichtert dass es dir besser geht.
    Es grüssen Euch alle die Kornrieder

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