Ari’s Gardening Tips – Monday 1st August 2022

Ari’s gardening tips

Ari says he should start a column of gardening tips. Frankly, there is a limit to the advice you should take from a dog who has a tendency to pee on some of the best flowers. However, he did learn some interesting things yesterday. He was sorting out the replacements for the herbs in his garden where he’d grown everything from seed. Some of the echinacea plants had failed completely. When he came to replace them yesterday, it turned out the ones that had failed were the ones in the special pots that supposedly feed the plants and you put straight into the ground. So much for that idea.

Coffee grounds

Ari is also encouraging Mum to drink more coffee. That is not a good idea, she can seem quite hyper without any help whatsoever. It’s because he wants the coffee grounds to go around plants in the garden. The strong smell stops a number of pests from eating his plants. It does help feed them too. I suspect they are developing quite a liking for Columbian coffee.

Then of course there’s the comfrey that he was planting. Apparently when it has grown he’s going to make fertiliser from it for all the other plants. I wouldn’t be excited about that but for the fact that it should mean bigger carrots and that has to be good news.

Car crate

It turns out that I do stand to benefit from the replacement car. Mum has ordered a crate for the boot that will be for me when I’m the only one travelling. It is a single rather than a double crate, but the good news is that it is bigger than half a double so I will have more space to move around. I will really appreciate that on a long journey. I did ask if I could have the whole boot, but Mum said luggage has to go somewhere. At that point I explained I wouldn’t need to take much, but apparently not everything is about me. Who knew?



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