Red Pawed – Wednesday 3rd August 2022

Red pawed

We’ve been caught red pawed. If I’m being strictly accurate, it was Ari who let the side down. That dog is hopeless at hiding things when he’s guilty. Oh, so making himself sick and then starting to eat it again was a bit of a clue, but he almost got away with that. He and I had managed to break into a bag of my dog food. It’s amazing what you can manage if you let a claw grow a little bit longer. I’d run it down the front of the bag and was pleasantly surprised to find I’d broken through to the food.

Different shape

My food is a different shape to Ari’s so when Mum found him eating sick on the grass she presumed I’d been sick and he was eating it. Honestly, does she really think I’d let him get away with that? I have some dignity. I didn’t want to give the game away so I just said nothing and hoped it would blow over. It would have done if Ari had swallowed what he’d taken out of the bag later rather than dropping it at Mum’s feet. Being guilty is one thing, admitting to it is never part of my plan. Ari is just a bit too honest when faced with an enquiry from Mum. She is pretty good at making enquiries so I can see why he caves sooner rather than later.

Heavy duty tape

The bag is now taped up with heavy duty tape and I’ve been given a stern lecture about the harm it could do Aristotle to eat the wrong food. How fair is that? Mum should be lecturing Aristotle for his stupidity rather than holding me responsible. He’s old enough to make his own decisions and shouldn’t be so easy to lead astray.

You will be pleased to hear that Shadow had the good sense to stay out of it all and so didn’t eat food that would make her ill. She was also a lot brighter yesterday.



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