Mowing the weeds – Friday 5th August 2022

Mowing the weeds

Mum has been busy mowing the weeds. The grass hadn’t grown but the thistles and other weeds had. Dad kept stepping on them when he went out with no shoes on, so Mum took pity on him. To be fair, we’re all grateful too as they were worst around some of the apple trees, which is where Ari and I spend a lot of time.

Mum has totally given up on telling us off for eating apples. As she was mowing she kept moving the good apples she came across to grass where we wouldn’t get in her way as she was mowing. I thought that was pretty good of her all things considered. Just to wind her up we kept taking them back to the patches of grass she was about to mow the weeds on. It gets her every time.

Mind you the point she realised she’d run the wheel of the mower through some fresh dog poo wasn’t a highlight for her. We had difficulty keeping straight faces at that point. I would just like to add that neither Ari nor I were responsible for leaving poo in her way.

My new car crate

My new car crate arrived as scheduled. I wanted Mum to unwrap it for me to try, but she says I have to be patient. How long exactly has she had dogs of our breed? Has she really not learnt by now that one thing we are not is patient. Mind you, sadly our impatience is matched my Mum’s ability to say ‘no’. I kept going to ask if she was ready to unwrap it, but to now avail. I might have to try asking Dad instead. As long as the others don’t get to try it before me. That would be really galling.