Day in the garden – Sunday 7th August 2022

Day in the garden

Today is going to be a day in the garden. They really are the best sorts of days. Both Mum and Dad are planning to spend most of the day outside and that will suit us just fine. I suspect Shadow will go inside when she’s had enough. Ari may have to be taken inside to stop him overdoing it, but that will leave good old ‘sensible’ me. I’m only really sensible when it comes to not spending too long in the sun and making sure I drink enough. I’ll be eating apples to quench my thirst throughout the day. I got something in my eye when I was gardening with Mum yesterday and she had to rinse it out, but I was fine afterwards.

Poisonous plants

I will be sent in for a while as there are some poisonous plants that Mum has found and wants to dig out and dispose of. Even if I promise to stay at a safe distance she won’t be convinced. I’m glad she worries about us all. The only problem is that I worry about her too and I don’t really want her handling things that are poisonous. She has promised to be careful, so I can only hope she will be ok. It will be better when she’s finished the job.

Fixing the bench

It’s funny, knowing that a number of my friends will be coming in a few weeks is spurring Mum into action on a number of things. She has been meaning to secure the bench so it doesn’t fall over when you sit on it and now she thinks it’s important to get it done. I asked if she was going to fix the steps that are lose too and she just groaned. She was going to do that one herself but Dad won’t let her play with concrete. He is probably wise.




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