Pooped – Monday 8th August 2022


By the end of yesterday we were all pooped. Two of our trees had large ant hills at the bases. It’s not that we mind the ants but they were killing the fruit trees. Mum decided to break up the party and ask them to move on. Digging out large mounds of very dry earth is not an easy job. We were only watching but quite honestly that was hard enough work. We would have been eating apples but Dad was being all authoritarian with us and lot letting us have any. He dressed it up as being for our own good, but then humans often do that when we’re enjoying ourselves.

Always more

Unsurprisingly we didn’t finish all the jobs. Ari got his trough planted with some of his spare lavender plants and the oregano. Dad started pruning the apple trees. Mum removed the ant hills and then moved on to the poisonous plants. What they didn’t do was fix the bench. Now here’s the thing – Dad will be away from Thursday and that means Mum is going to have to fix the bench on her own, or with help from one of us. I didn’t put my paw up to volunteer but I suspect that’s not going to make a difference.

On the bright side

On the bright side Mum is having another outdoor chair for her birthday. Instead of a hard chair or bench this one will be so she can relax. Better still, looking at the picture I think it’s big enough for both of us. She’s even suggested we could put it under my favourite tree so that it’s in the shade. All in all, that sounds pretty good to me. I suspect Ari will want to try it out too, but I don’t mind sharing. Perhaps she should have chosen one big enough for all of us.