Half safe – Tuesday 9th August 2022

Half safe

Well the bench is half safe. Mum is busy screwing the brackets on to hold it in place but she hasn’t finished. The first three of the forty-eight screws went in without incident. The next one left the bench permanently marked with blood – hers I might add. She says she’ll recover but this is exactly why I have to supervise. I turn my head away to eat an apple and what happens? Things improved from there and she was about half way through when she had to leave it yesterday. She says that it is definitely going to be safe to sit on by the end of it and she’s very happy for me to try it out to prove it. Why me? If there is a risk of it falling over it should be Mum trying it not me.

Off to the vet

I’ve been rubbing my eye and made it sore so I have to go to the vet for a quick visit this morning. Mum washed it out, but you know how much I hate anyone doing anything to my eyes. Ok, to be honest I’m a big coward and I hate anything medical. I don’t know how Aristotle and Shadow cope with the things they have done. You have to catch me and pin me down before I will have any medical procedure. Mum’s getting better at pinning me down which is alarming.

Putting Shadow first

Mum sat down with me and had a long chat about needing to put Shadow first. I’ve got my heart set on a trip to Switzerland in a few weeks. My own Mama is even older than Shadow and I really want to see her. The problem is that Shadow collapsed again yesterday morning and that’s only a week after the last time. Mum says if this keeps happening then she really doesn’t think it’s right to put Shadow in kennels so we can go to Switzerland. I know she’s right, but I’m so torn. Other than in a morning when it happens Shadow is fine. She’s very clingy on the days it happens but it never happens later in the day. I guess if it was me I wouldn’t want to stay in kennels like that so I sort of understand.