Sunflower – Wednesday 10th August 2022


I am very proud to be able to reveal to you Aristotle’s first ever success at growing a sunflower from seed. In our old village there was a sunflower growing competition. The first time he tried, none of Aristotle’s seeds even germinated. On the second occasion a few came through and were unceremoniously eaten by slugs. This time he kept them in the greenhouse until they got going and then put coffee around their bases when he planted them. It might only be about two feet tall but he is very proud of this year’s results and is planning to save some seeds from it to try again next year.

Vet trip

Well I’m not going to the vet again. It was awful. Mum made me get on the scales. Now, you know I’m overweight, I know I’m overweight but I wasn’t planning to do anything about it. Yes, I broke open a bag of dog food last week. Yes, I spend a lot of time foraging for apples in the garden, but I don’t expect to have to stand on the scales. There is no getting away from the fact that I am overweight. It’s more than muscle and I can’t pretend anymore. My food is being cut by 1/3 with immediate effect. I am having no biscuits during the day at all. I am going to be doing more exercise from today. Mum has told me I’ll feel better for it, but I’m not at the stage of seeing it for myself just yet.


Incidentally my eye is an allergy issue, but that didn’t seem important after being told I was going on a very strict diet. Shadow is back on antibiotics, so hopefully she will be feeling better soon too. Oh, but a diet, that’s worse than anything I can imagine. I love food.



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  1. My dear Wilma, it is important being in a good shape. You will look better, and you will also feel better! It’s also good for your joints. I can tell you, I am 14 years old and happy not to be overweight, because when you are getting old, your joints will hurt anyway. Every extra kilo will aggravate the pain. Be clever and do as Mum Ros tell you. Lots of love, your Mama Susi

    • Dearest Mama, It’s just so hard. the carrots are ready to eat and there are apples everywhere. I’m not good at resisting where food is concerned. I promise I’ll try really hard, but when my meals have been cut by a half, it is so hard not to think of food all day.
      Your ever loving daughter

      • Dear Wilma, it is NEITHER the carrots, NOR the apples. It’s the ice cream and the bonios! Be strong, you are my tough girl, I know. Kisskiss Mama Susi

        • Oh Mama, I haven’t had an ice cream for a very long time. Not since before Covid started. I only have a small end of a Bonio for supper, not a whole one. Anyway, today is my second day of half rations. I’m being good and trying not to complain.
          Your ever loving daughter

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