The sunflowers – Friday 12th August 2022

The sunflowers

Aristotle will not forgive me if I don’t start with the sunflowers he has grown and the photo of both of them flowering. He started with ten, but only about six germinated. Before he could plant them out, two of those died. Two more died after planting. Mum confessed that one of those was definitely her fault. Anyway, thankfully two have made it through the process to become adult sunflowers. Now Ari wants to collect the seeds when they  have finished flowering so he can start the whole process over again. Next time he wants to start by planting a hundred instead of ten in the hope he can end up with a whole row of them.

Waving dad off

We waved dad off yesterday. He didn’t want to go. We didn’t want him to go. Shadow was especially upset as, whilst he’s only going to be away for four weeks, at her age that is a very long time. She’s promised to do her best to stay well and Mum’s promised to look after her. Mum has told Shadow that she wants to make some enquiries about Shadow having a couple of teeth out but under a local anaesthetic. If they could stop her getting regular gum infections then Mum is sure it would also sort the problem of her having episodes of fluid on her chest. It’s a shame she’s not really up to a general anaesthetic.


Who you might ask is Bruno? Bruno is the name Mum has given to her new car. I’ve not been in it yet, but I’m really excited and can’t wait to show you my new crate. It looks very comfortable and there’s loads of space. Having called this car Bruno Mum felt bad that the old car doesn’t have a name. I’m pleased to say that has promptly undergone a christening ceremony that involved having its windows and lights washed and is now called Stevie. Shadow is proudly saying that Stevie is her car as it has the ramp she needs to get in. I can’t imagine what would happen if Shadow ever took it into her head to try driving.