Feeling hot hot hot – Saturday 13th August 2022

Feeling hot hot hot

We’re all feeling hot hot hot. It’s just too much. Ari has the coolest room and he’s very happy about it. The problem is that Mum’s office is not as cool and I want to be near her. Ari and I argue all the time when the weather is like this, which everyone is finding annoying. To be honest, I think I’m a bit grouchy because of my diet. I’m on day four of half rations of food. I get almost no extras. A treat consists of one extra piece of kibble. One! I am having some apples as you’d expect, but even then it’s been too hot to be outside other than first thing and last thing.

How’s my weight

This diet really had better be working. I keep saying to Mum ‘Have I lost it all yet?’ She just laughs at me. She says if I’m good and stick carefully to the plan then I can go to weigh myself on the scales at the vet the week after next. That’s ages. She says she doesn’t want me to go too soon and be disappointed that I haven’t lost much. I’ll have starved by then. Why is it that I’m the only one who needs to go on a diet? There is no spare weight on Aristotle and he’s the laziest dog I know. It’s just not fair. Mum says life can be like that and I just have to learn to be sensible and not break open more sacks of dog food when she’s not looking.

Missing Dad

We’re missing Dad. To be fair, Dad is missing us too. He really needs dogs in his life to look after him, so it’s hard for him when we aren’t there to keep an eye on him. I hope my sister and Mama can give him some licks and woofs on my behalf and take care of him until he can be back with me.



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