Aristotle in a pear tree – Monday 15th August 2022

Aristotle in a pear tree

To be fair Aristotle wasn’t exactly in a pear tree, but if you start with that picture you won’t be far wrong. Bear in mind Aristotle’s legs aren’t what they used to be. I know he used to be able to walk on two legs, but those days are gone. When he tore his cruciate ligament everything changed. Now, he’s usually glad when they just keep him upright. As a result of that, Mum was very surprised to catch him jumping up to take fresh pears off the tree. He has suddenly discovered how much he likes pears. There are a lot of fallen apples, but at the moment the pears are generally staying on the trees. Aristotle took matters into his own paws, but being Ari he was caught in the act.

Hoping for rain

I’m guessing there are a lot of you out there who, like me, are hoping for rain later. Mum says if it does rain then as long as it’s not thundering we can all go outside and enjoy it together. Even Aristotle wants to go out to see that it’s helping his herbs and vegetables. Sadly, the forecast still seems to say we won’t get much so we may be disappointed.

Herb growing

Ari wants me to let him tell you more about some of the herbs he’s growing and what they are for. A lot of them aren’t for cooking. Of course Mum could use them that way, but they’re for other things too. I have told him that as long as he can supply a photograph of himself with each one that he wants to talk about then he can do it. He says he’ll get onto it as soon as it’s cook enough.

It all started when he and Mum were talking yesterday about her trying to make her own shampoo. What could possibly go wrong?



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